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bae-MSME Fund is more than a GROUP of like-minded entrepreneurial young people, setting aside a regular portion of their income for the rainy-day, and for future PRODUCTIVE investment.

Products & Services

  • Medical Assistance & bereavement support Pool
  • Diaspora Investment Remittances & Last-Mile Delivery
  • Enterprise-Home Solar Lights, Supply & Installation

About Us

We started bae-Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise Fund (bae-MSME fund) after we realized that majority ambitious young people find it difficult to AFFORD major Start-up expenses in their journey into formal entrepreneurship. Majority youth, women and MSME have a financial services problem. Among many challenges, they lack DEMOCRATISED access to affordable SAVINGS & CREDIT.

After we conducted further research, it was clear that prospective entrepreneurs deserved a better alternative from the rigid traditional financial ecosystem that is obsessed with collateral, lengthy and sometimes endless application process that clearly EXCLUDES new entrants and underserved communities to take a shot at serious entrepreneurship.

The evident exclusion and marginalization of the more than 75% of Malawians from building a secure and productive future for themselves and their loved ones led to the birth of bae-MSME Fund in the year 2020, to champion positive change. The FUND reduces financial barriers youth and women face as business owners, by providing products that address their entrepreneurial needs at every step of growth.

bae-MSME Fund is HERE as a Special Purpose Vehicle to POWER sustainable entrepreneurship by providing innovative solutions that unlock access to affordable CAPITAL and CREDIT, to achieve economic prosperity for majority underserved and ambitious young people.

The Corporate identity of the FUND is defined by 4 pillars; Empowerment, Tomorrow – Focused, Togetherness and Capacity-Building. We’re CHANGING the way Business-Owners startup & grow.

Our TEAM has wealth of entrepreneurial experience that tells us, there’s a better way to START and GROW a BUSINESS, and so we constituted the best PEOPLE to build our solution. We’ve finance, strategy and legal experts and a supervisory team committed to making sure that YOU can START-UP and grow a business in association with bae-MSME Fund –Easily, Quickly, Affordably and Hustle-FREE.

To Join Today is Simple. Be part of Thousands of Malawians local and in Diaspora who already work with us. JUST COMPLETE a 1 PAGE FORM & START TO ACCESS BENEFITS.


bae-MSME Fund is designed to eliminate the insecurity bad debt creates on start-ups and informal businesses, and also reduces financial barriers women and youth often face to start-up and thrive as business-owners. We know what young people need because we have been there ourselves.

Sometimes in a quest to get financing, young people land into wrong hands, are forced to access EXPENSIVE DEBT with trickery conditions. With bae-MSME Fund, this is history!

We work to AFFECT and change the ECONOMIC trajectory of majority Malawians with positive IMPACT, Supporting the outcomes of seven (7) of Sustainable development goals (SDGs):


SDG 1 – End poverty in all its forms everywhere,

SDG 2 – End hunger,

SDG 3 – Ensure healthy lives,

SDG 5 – Achieve gender equality and empower women and girls,

SDG 7 – Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all,

SDG 8 – Promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, productive employment and decent work for all and

SDG 10 – Reduce inequality within and among countries.

We fulfill this mandate by bringing a world-class voluntary digital savings platform to every-person, home and business, which helps members (PATRIOTS) easily access the capital they need to start-up and grow their business in the future.


We’re on a mission to unlock a savings culture for youth and women by mobilizing voluntary savings for a productive future. Funds are loaned to members to fund productive investments in micro-enterprises, education and agriculture.


To be the most loved inclusive and edgy mobile financial partner developing appropriate products to satisfy the local demand for voluntary savings.


  • Trust& Inclusiveness
  • Integrity & Ethics
  • Innovation & Convenience
  • Professionalism & Cooperation
  • Customer First & Teamwork
  • Leveraging technology to effect change at scale.

Slogan/ Positioning Statement

“Helping Young People, Help Themselves”


These principles guide us how we view Money, Investment, Spending and Improving Life;

  1. Most MSMEs are debt-burdened emanating from dependence on bank loans.
  2. If borrowing from traditional banks worked and works well then no-one would be losing assets such as houses and vehicles. Check your newspapers daily and see the crisis LIVE.
  3. Saving money for productive future use is easier when you don’t feel it. A lot can happen when looked at in the long-term, say 5 years, 10 years …
  4. Money should be enjoyed when you’ve it.
  5. Investing, spending feels better when you are free of guilt.
  6. Investing into a business or project makes it much sweeter and stress-free.
  7. The right information provides us the power and edge to make good decisions.
  8. It’s not all debt that is bad. Bad Debt takes away your freedom and good debt sets you on a path to prosperity through investing in business and purchasing assets that help grow your business or dream project.
  9. Technology can help us access services that were difficult to access in the past, just on touch of a button; you can join and start Saving; using a gadget in your hand- the Mobile Phone.
  10. Borrowing money from family and friends can be cause of shame. In this generation, it should be last resort.
  11. Innovation and product benefits bring satisfaction.
  12. No one should be a slave to Bad Debt, that is if you were able to access it, as traditional financial institutions still offer prohibitive conditions and the application process can drag to over three months and all this just to be told that, your application was not considered.
  13. You only light-up your life when you begin to control your money.
  14. One brick at a Time; Begin to make small SAVINGS today to build a productive and brighter future.
  15. One fundamental principle rich people have used in their JOURNEY OF WEALTH CREATION is to pay yourself FIRST before you begin expending; means you should TUCK AWAY every month to a safe basket, 5% or 10% or 14% of your after-tax income. For future use, start business, pay education fees, pay emergence expenses etc.

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Join thousands of Malawians who believe that taking small steps in the right direction can bring big change in their life. Start Saving & Begin accessing affordable credit to secure a brighter future.




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