MediaCom:gdm is a Digital Marketing & Public Relations firm based in Blantyre, Malawi. We’re ideally suited to assist any institution with Design, Branding, Social Media Management, & Story Telling to connect our clients with their clients.

Products & Services


MediaCom:gdm offers various marketing communications services delivered by technology savvy graphic designers, website developers and copywriting gurus. We’ve become a firm favorite for clients who respect our ability to come-up with CONCEPTS that achieve limitless success for their brands.

We do things like;

  • Corporate Identity Development
  • Logo Development
  • Brand Identity & Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Digital Media Design
  • Brochures, Flyers & Electronic Materials
  • Website Content Development
  • Copywriting for various Media Options
  • Trade Shows & Exhibition Design
  • Corporate Promo Materials Design & Supply
  • Vehicle Branding
  • Radio & TV Ads.

Our unrivalled experience in print and digital publications makes us one of your best FIT when it comes to doing jobs like Annual Reports and developing core Messaging and Strategy development for your organization.

We do things like;

  • Annual Reports & One-Off Publications
  • Reworking Website & Copy-Writing
  • Video Marketing & Sneak peek Demonstration Videos
  • Social Media Campaigns;, ShopLocal365, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter …
  • Viral Marketing
  • Loyalty Marketing
  • Website Management
  • Sales Acceleration & Promotion



At MediaCom:gdm, we’ve expertise across Crisis Communication and Reputation Management. Our clients range from corporate, financial, government and political parties, as well as high profile families and individuals. Our role is to protect the BRAND and Build its reputation to avoid it being the subject of a witch-hunt on social media. Just a rumor, or mere allegation, false narrative can ruin the reputation of your organization or brand and so you need partners to; predict, prevent, prepare, resolve, respond, so you recover and rebuild.

When you sign-up, we’ll jump into action immediately, working the way you want us to work to ensure that your institution or brand is represented fairly and accurately in the public domain, so trust is retained, CUSTOMERS, investors and donors are happy, and staff can discharge their duty with peace of mind.

So many instances come into play; negative publicity, minority exclusion, financial malpractice, governance etc.

How we can help with Crisis Communication Services;

  • Drafting Crisis Communication strategy
  • Content Creation (Social media posts, website content, Q&A sessions)
  • Reputation Management
  • Media Buying & Management



In today’s fast-paced environment, wouldn’t it be prudent and nice to have your own Event Errand Runners – Your Second You?

Hiring MediaCom:gdm helps  Event Owners focus on core activities and your errand runner working on your mundane and unfinished tasks. Do not burden yourself with too much to do especially if you’ve a busy lifestyle.

Outsourcing MediaCom:gdm to do the tasks delegated would SAVE you the TIME and HEADACHE of having to deal with long lines in the supermarkets, market, shops or even post office and corporate offices or tracing individuals.

We do things like;

  • Invitation Copywriting, Design & Distribution
  • Source quality Food supplies & Deliver
  • Design, Print & Distribute Flyers
  • Book Accommodation & Venue
  • Help at Venue & Sourcing Accessories
  • Help Packing & Delivery
  • Collect Quotations for various Items
  • Event Gifts Procurement & Delivery
  • Scheduled Pick-up Service & Selivery
  • Bill Payments
  • Marketing Collateral Distribution to target Audience
  • Package Collection & Drop-off Service
  • Banners, Posters Installation at Venue
  • Media Buying & Publicity
  • Help with Event Assistants
  • CLEAN-up, Sort-out Waste after the festivities or Event
  • AND so much more…



MediaCom:gdm offers extraordinary expertise and social media platforms that allow businesses and freelancers generate extensive coverage, allowing the experience immediate interaction and customer feedback. Clients benefit from the opportunity to SHARE as well as stimulate active brand engagement with wide audience.

We strive to ensure that clients’ BRAND attains maximum exposure, so accelerating sales growth


We do things like;

  • Content Generation
  • Social Media Artwork Design
  • Social Media Profile Upload
  • Campaign Strategy Development
  • Campaign Activation; Webpage-, ShopLocal360, Facebook,

Twitter, LinkedIn, Google my Business, Instagram…



To achieve effective communication that impacts on audience, you need GREAT CONTENT.

You need GREAT COPYWRITING Skills to achieve effective written communication.


Need content for your business? Just Tell Us, It’ll be DONE! We allocate the best writer for the job

across industries and we get him/her to write within scheduled time-frame.


We do COPY & CONTENT for things like;

  • Advertorials
  • Annual Reports Content & Special Publications
  • Social Media & Website Copywriting
  • Content Generation for any Technical Product
  • Newsletters, Brochures, Leaflets etc
  • Proof-reading & Editing Services
  • Blog Posts, Content Generation & Management
  • Project by Project Copywriting Services;

Landing page, Ads, Email Poster…


At MediaCom:gdm, we’ve awesome and experienced ‘journos’ who have delivered top notch results for reputable clients. They’ve also practiced journalism at highest level in various media organizations. Having worked with various media organizations for a long time, we have cultivated productive relationships that our clients DESIRE, so their brands achieve maximum exposure.

MediaCom:gdm considers PUBLIC RELATIONS a strategic function of your business (outsourced), deployed as a tool that works to tell the target audience about your company’s brand, products, services and general offering. Most often PR involves persuasive writing and disseminating media release to target media platforms, at times it is about speaking directly to the CONSUMER or people identified via social networking platforms or through skilled activation that is memorable.

We do things like;

  • Media Liaison so Clients GENERATE positive media Coverage
  • Writing & Releasing Corporate News & Information
  • Message Dissemination & Advocacy Releases
  • PR Campaigns-various media option; Print, Social, Electronic, Outdoor
  • Telling Brand Stories
  • Creative PR Concept
  • Editorial & Design
  • Video & Animation
  • Placing Brand Influencers direct into the public eye exactly where you want them
  • Events Visits

About Us

MediaCom:gdm is a Malawi-originated full service creative and media digital agency built for the global market. Our team of passionate individuals believe in the fact that our RESPONSIBILITY is to help deliver business RESULTS for our clients.

We work with clients the way they want us to work, always conducting our business, serving clients with respect and professionalism to ensure a win-win result. What sets us apart is the power of our CREATIVE ideas; derived from both client and agency to FIND best FIT strategies based on CONSUMER reactions that allow opinions to unfold bringing POWERFUL creative.

Our point of difference; We believe that institutions and BRANDS in the 21st century cannot rely on disseminating a single generic message targeted at mass audience, and so our integrated approach of powering various media options is more effective. We target specifically and differently market segments based on WHO they are, by listening and understanding their needs and wants. This is the most effective way to drive campaign relevance and sales growth.

Why you should work with MediaCom:gdm? Our team is comprised of seasoned, progressive consumer-centric strategists, creative artists and media gurus in agency industry, ready to unlock solutions for now and the future addressing business challenges that clients face. We service your needs from anywhere, anytime around the globe, in person and virtually. Look no further than us!

Are you in need of these services; Consulting (Pick our brains), Strategy (Consumer-led), Creative (Consumer-centric storytelling), Media (Integrated channels where consumer groups spend their TIME so we help drive business results for client)?

Why Work With Us?

  • We believe we only Grow when Clients Grow
  • We’re experts at Branding, Design and innovative digital marketing that connects our clients to their clients. MASSIVE
  • We generate GREAT creative ideas after thorough research.
  • We execute strategy in most efficient way to achieve desired and measurable results
  • Dependable and provide peace of mind

What are your business and brand PROBLEMS?

  • Do you want to increase Sales Leads and fatten the bottom-line?
  • Are you looking to grow Market Share?
  • Is your objective to enter new markets or sell more to existing customers?
  • Do you want to leverage on our Technology platforms to build Brand Awareness?

MediaCom:gdm is better placed to come up with best marketing communications package for you devised to suit your budget. Our solution among others will consist of a good balance of social media strategy, great copy & content, results-driven creative, social media management and reporting.

It starts TODAY, unlock your brand for growth, create awareness, and increase sales. Create a community around your brand. Stand-out from the competitions, we help you launch your presence on social media;

  • Facebook Banners, Post and Stories,
  • Instagram Posts, and Stories
  • Sneak Peek (Brief Showing of your product or business offering using video)
  • Promote your business VIA Videos on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram

Videos are a vital component of any contemporary promotional campaign, engaging audiences like nothing ever. Out team can help you come up with customer-centric videos that deliver your desired results.

MediaCom:gdm is the creative, PR and Media agency you’re looking for! Do you want to create HYPE for your business or company? Just talk to us. It will be DONE.

ZIKOMO (Thank You)



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