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5 Top countries entrepreneurs should exploit for business expansion

Report: Infomalawi Reporters In 2017, various African economies continued to make strides to attract foreign investment. What could be the reasons to draw the most investors though? Africa offers great future business prospects with its 1.1 billion people that make up 15% of the world’s population. When a business decides to expand into a foreign [...]read more5 Top countries entrepreneurs should exploit for business expansion

T.B. Joshua 54th Birthday

How T.B. Joshua wants his 54th Birthday celebrated, calls upon his followers to remember the poor and vulnerable in society in the month of June. Renowned Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua turned 54 on Monday, 12th June, 2017. The importance of this occasion was evident in the church on 11th June, 2017 as his followers from [...]read moreT.B. Joshua 54th Birthday

TNM Launches Football League

TNM has this year, once again, ignited hope among young and old football enthusiasts in Malawi with the launch of the 2017 chapter of the probably most exciting league. The league was launched under the theme, ‘A Decade of Soccer’. TNM has been sponsoring the biggest league in Malawi since 2006. TNM’s Chief Officer, Commercial [...]read moreTNM Launches Football League